Lasercutting Services

Precision Laser-Cutting Services

Our high powered Bosch-Trumph laser can make your drawings come to life! Our factory specializes in mirrored and brushed stainless steel, 2B industrial parts, and carbon steel pieces.

Threading and turning

Threading and Turning

Completely custom parts can be created with the right tooling.  Let us help you develop a workflow and keep your inventory right where it needs to be!

Fabrication Services

Custom Fabrication

Whether it is laser-cutting, shearing, bending, or any other required tooling, we are ready to get started on your project!

Shearing and Punching

Shearing and Punching

There are times when shearing and punching of parts proves to be a better fiscal decision.  Our fabrication consultants are ready to help you with the best processes to keep prices down.

Mirrored and Brushed Metals

Mirrored and Brushed Metals

Attention to detail, a strategic fabrication process, and controlled heat temperatures, are all required when working with mirrored and brushed metals.  With KY Laser, we don't ship your part unless it's perfect!

Retail Products

Retail Product Development

Chances are you have seen our products in the food services, wash-wear, on vehicles, or in many other industries. Our #1 seller is a factory direct Custom Vanity License Plate available at

Welding Services

Professional Welding

Stainless Steel fabrication and welding requires very distinct and precise production practices. KY Laser prides itself in amazing results on every piece, or it does not ship!

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

Whether it's an industrial part, retail product, or wholesale piece, our staff at KY Laser Products is ready to help through the design and development process.  In the end, the final product will be tooled to perfection.